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       The Batumi Children’s State Choreographic Company “Khorumi”: was founded in 2004 under the patronage of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and the chairman of the Adjarian government levan Varshalomidze. The company consists of 35 girls and 45 boys. The Younges dancer is 7-8 years old, while the oldest 12-14 years old.

      The repertoire of the Company is represented by the un fanding pieces of Georgian folk choreography. Among them are the famous dances “Daisi” (Massive Georgian), “Samaya” , “Women’s narnari”.

       Diverse choreographic compositions created parts of Georgian such as Adjarian and Gurian “ khorumi”, “Adjarian Satrfialo” (amorous dance, “Lazuri”, “Abkhazuri”, “Osuri”, “svanuri”, “Mtiuluri”, “Kazbeguri”, etc. represent the best esamples of the entire Georigan folk choreography. The company often participates in international festivals and, as a rule, is always awarded grand-priz or other prizes. 

      A great experience for the Company was the participation in the concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the international comp “Artek”. Each dance performed by the stormy applause from the guests or the hosts of the programme.

      The company enjoys great popularity in Georgia as well as outside the country. The great artistic abilities of the company members is proved by the fact that they can successfully perfom concert programme which includes 15 choreographic pieces, on the stage of any space and size. Artistic manager of the Company is the recognized artist, Honoured Artist of the Republic Teimuraz Bibileishvili.

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